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Mom & Pop Lewis

Pauline "Mom" Lewis
June 20, 1910 - February 8, 2003
Roy "Pop" Lewis

September 22, 1905 - March 23, 2004

The Lewis Family legacy began in 1925 when Pop and Mom Lewis (Roy and Pauline) married and began their family. 

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Talmadge Lewis, along with brothers Esley, Wallace and little Roy, performed as "The Lewis Brothers".

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Soon the group became "The Lewis Family", traveling across the country singing and playing gospel music.

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Mom and Pop celebrating 76 years of marriage.

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Talmadge with brothers Little Roy, Wallace and Esley.

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The Lewis Family 2003.

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Family onstage at the annual Homecoming & Bluegrass Festival
in Lincolnton, GA - May 2003.

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Talmadge and his wife with Pop.

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The Lewis Family taping a new video.

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Through the years, Pop and Mom set the standard for excellence by example, sharing their love for God and family, giving their children a path to follow.

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Lewis Bus Line
4156 Mike Padgett Hwy
P.O. Box 5627
Augusta, GA 30916-5627
(706) 792-1800

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